Rewinding to Wonder: Rediscovering Childhood Favorites, Reading and Watching Nostalgic Books and Movies as a Couple


Who says that growing up means we have to leave all the magic of childhood behind? Sure, we’ve swapped our enchanting tales for spreadsheets, and our animated classics for news updates, but what if there was a way to bring back the magic, even for just a little while? Enter the charming realm of rediscovering childhood favorites – reading and watching nostalgic books and movies as a couple. This whimsical journey is not just about reliving the past, it’s also about discovering new layers of connection, understanding, and love with your partner. So, let’s dive into this captivating adventure together.

1. The Power of Nostalgia: Revisiting Childhood Favorites

Nostalgia is a powerful emotional catalyst, capable of transporting us back to our formative years. It’s a way to reconnect with a younger, perhaps more authentic version of ourselves. But why exactly do we hold our childhood favorites in such high regard?

1.1 The Comfort of Familiarity

Our favorite childhood books and movies, in many ways, are like old friends. They were there when we were scared, happy, curious, or bored. Revisiting these classics can bring back that comforting sense of familiarity and security we often miss in the hustle and bustle of adult life.

1.2 Emotional Catharsis

While some might view these tales as simple children’s stories, they are much more than that. These narratives have witnessed our first bouts of joy, heartbreak, fear, and triumph. Delving back into them can trigger a rush of emotions and memories that can be quite cathartic, giving us a chance to reconnect with feelings we may have forgotten.

1.3 A Shared Journey

By rediscovering these childhood favorites with your partner, you are not just re-exploring the stories but also sharing a significant part of your personal history. You’re allowing your partner to join you in your journey back in time, providing them a peek into your early influences, experiences, and emotions.

2. Building a Shared Narrative: Reading Childhood Favorites as a Couple

There’s nothing quite like the allure of a good book, especially the ones that have shaped our early years. Now, imagine sharing this allure with your partner. Let’s explore how.

2.1 Starting a Personal Book Club

Why not embark on a literary adventure with your partner? You could start a personal book club where you read and discuss your favorite childhood books. This could be anything from the whimsical tales of “Alice in Wonderland” to the timeless wisdom of “The Little Prince.” Sharing these cherished stories is an intimate activity that can deepen your bond significantly.

2.2 Discussion and Discovery

Talking about your favorite books can stir up engaging and deep conversations. You’ll find that these conversations aren’t just about character analysis or plot dissection. Instead, they can take a deeper turn, exploring the impact these narratives had on your formative years, and how they’ve shaped the person you are today.

2.3 Reinterpretation and Learning

It’s fascinating how our perception of a story can change over time. Reading these books as an adult allows you to notice nuances, themes, or moral lessons that might have eluded your younger self. Sharing these insights with your partner adds another layer to your shared understanding and empathy.

3. Rekindling the Magic: Watching Childhood Favorites as a Couple

Film is a powerful medium that can transport us into a world of magic, mystery, and wonder. Rediscovering childhood movies can bring back that sense of enchantment we often yearn for.

3.1 Planning Nostalgic Movie Nights

Why not replace your usual movie night with a nostalgic alternative? Pick a mix of films that you both loved as children. It could be a classic Disney movie like “Aladdin,” an animated masterpiece like “Spirited Away,” or a superhero epic like “Spider-Man.” Sit back, relax, and let the childhood memories flood back.

3.2 Sharing Laughter, Tears, and Memories

Watching these movies as adults and sharing the experience with your partner can result in a wave of emotions. You’ll find yourselves laughing, crying, gasping, and reminiscing together. Such shared emotional experiences can forge a stronger bond between you two.

3.3 Discovering New Perspectives

Much like with books, you might notice elements in these movies that you didn’t catch as a child. Discussing these new discoveries with your partner can lead to interesting conversations and a deeper appreciation for these timeless tales.


Q: What if my partner and I didn’t have the same childhood favorites?

A: That makes this journey even more exciting! Sharing your individual favorites allows you both to experience beloved stories from a completely new perspective, which can be very enriching.

Q: How often should we engage in this activity?

A: The frequency can depend on your personal preferences and schedules. It can be a weekly activity or even a monthly one. What’s important is to ensure it’s a relaxed and enjoyable experience for both of you.

Q: What other activities can we include in our nostalgia date night?

A: Apart from reading and watching, you could also revisit old board games, cook childhood favorite meals, or even dress up as your favorite characters. The possibilities are endless!


Rediscovering childhood favorites – reading and watching nostalgic books and movies as a couple is a journey that goes beyond mere entertainment. It’s about sharing personal histories, creating shared narratives, understanding each other on a deeper level, and creating a stronger bond. So, the next time you find yourself yearning for a dash of magic in your relationship, why not turn to the stories that first taught us about magic? Because the magic isn’t just in the stories, but in the shared experience of rediscovering them together.

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